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Game #1 (Western Kentucky)
Game #1 (after Western Kentucky game):

Fresh Faces, Fast Starts, FlipCup and a Full Moon

September 5, 2009…Opening weekend of college football, and the beginning of another season for The University of Tennessee Volunteers. A beginning to one of the most anticipated football seasons in history for the Big Orange, and a date that has been circled on many calendars for over 9 months. A date that could not have come soon enough.

Here is the day that was September 5th, 2009.

7:45 am- Arrival of Dan Stacey, Alex Walls, & Justin Norton to VolPost tailgate location on Campus.
9:30 am- Arrival of Lane Kiffin and the 09 Vols to Campus.

10:00 am- First VolPost flipcup game of the year begins.
10:30 am- First VolWalk of the year begins.

11:00 am- IPod plays Rocky Top as performed by The Pride of The Southland Band.
11:30 am- Gary Sousa leads Pride of The Southland in Rocky Top as they salute the Hill.

11:45 am- VolPost flipcuppers report to the table for final game before walk to stadium.
11:50 am- Kickers, Snappers, and returners report the field for pregame warm-ups.

12:00 pm- VolPost tailgaters depart tailgate location for stadium and game.
12:05 pm- Vol football players depart field for pregame pep talk and game maxims.

12:15 pm- VolPost tailgaters arrive and are seated for football game in Neyland Stadium.
12:18 pm- 09 Vols arrive on field after dramatic and fantastic “Run through the T”

12:21 pm- The 2009 football season is underway, and all is forgotten about 2008.
12:31 pm- Volunteers commit 1st turnover of the 2009 season. So much for a fast start!

12:35 pm- Vols get ball back and begin to march down the field.
12:37 pm- Vols commit 2nd turnover of 2009 season by way of Crompton Interception.
12:37 pm- Simultaneous sighs of disappointment reign down on Neyland Stadium.

12:50 pm- 1st Quarter ends in a scoreless tie against Western Kentucky.
12:55 pm- Stadium regains life as the Vols score the first TD of 2009.

1:00 pm- Fans begin to realize it is incredibly hot and sunburn will be inevitable.
1:05 pm- Fans realize that entire West Side of Stadium is shaded and become jealous.

1:10 pm- Vols Score again!!
1:15 pm- Again!

1:20-3:00 It becomes obvious that Vols are playing lesser opponent, and thus talks of National Championship begins

3:30 pm- VolPost tailgaters begin to congregate back at location for high fives and celebratory drinking.

4:00 pm- Grill is ignited for postgame meal
4:01 pm- Dan realizes it is entirely too hot to be grilling, and becomes Angry!

4:30 pm- Preliminary Flip Cup games begin
5:00 pm- Georgia loses to Oklahoma State.

5:30 pm- Temperature begins to cool and it is deemed safe for Flip Cup to commence.
5:31 pm- Brantley Thames bellows “Fllllliiiiipppppp Cuuuuppppp” and games begin.

5:45 pm- Dan’s newest gadget makes its debut at VolPost tailgate. A microphone for play by play commentary and post match interviews for Flip Cup Tournaments.
6:00 pm- Police officer pulls up to VolPost tailgate and group grows quiet. False alarm, he only wanted a sample of our Ribs.
6:30 pm- Tara and Erin begin to survey area for a perfect location to relieve themselves.
6:31 pm- Perfect location is spotted.
6:32 pm- Erin and Tara are spotted,, by a Police Officer. Uh oh!!
6:35 pm- Erin and Tara return to tailgate visibly shaken.
6:40 pm- Erin and Tara depart.

7:00 pm- Parking Lot becomes completely vacant, except for the VolPost tailgaters.
7:00-9:55 It becomes obvious that VolPost tailgaters are serious about their tailgating because they are still in action long after the game ends.. 5 hours and counting.
10:00 pm- Knoxville Police are dispatched to Clinch Avenue and James Agee to break up a group of tailgaters that refuse to go home.
10:05 pm- The VolPost is out of commission for the night.
10:10 pm- All ends well. Nobody is arrested, fun was had by all, and the Vols win big in the season opener.

A great day of tailgating and fun was perfectly capped off by a tremendous victory and amazing debut for Lane Kiffin. Be there next week at 4:00 to help root on the team for a redemption matchup against UCLA. Be loud, be proud. “It’s Time”

-God is a VOL
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